Neighbourhood Place has been in Rimbey since 2000.  There are always new and exciting programs and ideas as the community and the world changes. We strive to be at the fore front of Community Capacity Building in Rimbey and the surrounding area.

 Some of our Focuses are:

1. The Rimbey & Area Early Child Development Coalition has become a long term sustainable project which evolved from the ecmap 5 year pilot project done by the Alberta Government. This project involved evaluating preschoolers on many different developmental levels and then taking that information and planning programs and supports for the areas that needed support. The reasons are many:

  • Because we recognize the value of the early years and the role that the community plays in a child's early development and supporting parents.
  • We believe there is a sense of urgency for us to have as much impact as we can in the small window of time in the first five years of life.
  • We believe that together we are stronger, if we collaborate rather than compete we can achieve more. If we share resources we all succeed.

2. The Rimbey & Area Community Wellness Association. This group is concerned with the issues of violence in the community. This includes Domestic Violence, Bullying and Suicide as well as addiction issues.  In order to facilitate prevention, education may be the first step.  Please see our web site @

3. Support for Community Agencies on an ongoing basis through the interagency meeting on the 2nd Friday every other month and the community newsletter that can be found on line at